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Question: Q: Bluetooth pairing.

How to use Apple AirPods on any Bluetooth device!

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How to share your wi-fi password in iOS 11 and macOS High Sierra

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Jan 2, PM in response to mikeuser In response to mikeuser There is nothing to fix. IOS devices are not meant to pair with Macs as file transfers over Bluetooth is not supported. You can create a personal are network for internet sharing. User profile for user: Dirty Vegas Dirty Vegas. Audio Speciality level out of ten: 0. Jan 3, PM in response to mikeuser In response to mikeuser Jan 3, PM in response to mikeuser In response to mikeuser mikeuser wrote Many people want many things.

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Method 2: Transfer iPhone Photos to Mac Wirelessly with AirDrop

The same is true if you have Wi-Fi devices connected, and then disconnect or power down all of them: a second countdown ensues. Instead of just pulling out your iPad, and waiting for it to connect, you have to first extract your iPhone, and navigate to the Personal Hotspot screen. Wi-Fi availability should automatically start up just by visiting that screen, although I found in testing that I sometimes had to tap the Personal Hotspot switch from On to Off and back to On again.

Bluetooth sharing, in contrast, is always available with Personal Hotspot. The tablet should connect automatically.

Bluetooth pairing. iPod-iPhone-MacBook Pro - Apple Community

The iPad then connects. However, with Bluetooth, all the security is handled for you automatically. The pairing process confirms that no other party intercepted a key exchange; after that, strong encryption is used automatically with no data entry. Bluetooth 2. Now, how would one set this up, I hear you ask? For setting up the Personal Hotspot, please consult our earlier coverage of that feature, which we linked to above. Carriers outside the U. On any other iOS device with version 4. On your paired device, a special chain-link icon appears where a Wi-Fi signal strength meter typically shows up in the status bar at upper left.

On both devices, the word Connected appears next to the name in the Bluetooth Devices list. This causes the device to reconnect. If that fails, try toggling the Personal Hotspot option on your phone from off to on. Tap Forget This Device, and it has no memory of how to connect. You can easily repair at will using the instructions above.

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A gorgeous display, high-quality camera, and fast processor are the best reasons to buy Apple's latest iPhone. This iPhone 4 is the same great device we've come to know, but now it's using the popular Verizon network. The iPad 2 remains a solid choice, thanks to its lower price and strong app choices.

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  • Why connect with Bluetooth Bluetooth tethering has a set of advantages that might lead you to select it instead of Wi-Fi for routing your iOS device through an iPhone 4 Personal Hotspot. The set-up Now, how would one set this up, I hear you ask? Select your iPhone from the Devices list. It will appear by whatever name shows up when you sync in iTunes.