Mac so chaud vs lady danger

Looks great on you : I'm not a big lipstick fan, I prefer glosses Super jealous of your ability to wear really pale or really bold colors and still have it look great! I -love- Gladiola! I wasn't into Mac when that collection released I've also eyed Coral Polyp numerous times and never gotten it from blog sales or whatever Great collection!

Have you tried any of the orange lipstick from Mac?

I've been wanting to get a new Mac lipstick and can't decide what to get so I enjoy seeing pics of others Mac collections. You look amazing in the bright reds and oranges! Hot damn woman, every shade looks so nice on you! Go For It applies really weirdly on me, but it looks perfectly smooth in your swatch.

3 Warm Toned/Orange-Based Red MAC Lipsticks to Try

I r jealous :. I sort of agree and sort of disagree with you. I think Mac lippies are great for 'regular' colours like red and pinks, I love the formula and the shades are bright and clean. However if you're looking for 'unusual' colours like purples or blues or anything like that they're a bit rubbish!

I think they're great everyday lippies, but definately not as special as lip tars or some indie brands. Wedgie: Thank you! Amplified are the best, so creamy! I'm with you, I really like the Mac lipsticks I have and would buy more if they had any colours that excited me, but they're not the only good brand in the world!

And I know, it's an evil colour! Amanda: I know, the colour is just beautiful, possibly the perfect red colour, but it's just impossible to apply!

MAC Lipsticks: Orange & Coral UPDATED {14 lip swatches}

Russian Red really is quite similar, just more wearable : Julianne: Ha ha sorry I don't mean to be a show off! I'm not proud of my ridiculous consumerism :P Russian Red is one of my favourites. Phyrra: Gladiola is gorgeous isn';t it? I love matte lippies and it's smooth and creamy as well as being a cool colour. I'm very flattered by you saying I'd lined my lips well, I shoved these on straight from the bullet and thought I'd done quite a crappy job! Agreed, their eyeshadows are a bit rubbish well some are ok but most are like pressed dust to me!

Lexa: you're most welcome!

Funny Face's place: Swatcharama - MAC Lipsticks

I loved petals and peacocks too, but it looked very similar to gladiola , only shiny! And you have good taste :D Tea: Impassioned is really lovely, I tend to prefer cool colours and so I forget how nice warm ones can be! I like the uhh glossiness of glosses, but don't like the upkeep. I'm too lazy! And thank you!

6 Orange/Coral Lipsticks From MAC

I think bold or bright ones look better on me than pale though. The colours were all bright and fun and the packaging is so cute and tacky :D Thank you! I really wsanted Toxic Tale, it looked so pretty! Dimitri: Hmm they're not dupes but they're sort of similar. Angela: Thank you so much! SilhouetteScreams: Ohhh flattery : How odd!

It's fine for me! Don't know why, my lips are super dry and usually flaky :P. I want so many pro colors now, I wnat to cry I did a bad thing immediately after reading this post May have to be bad and get that one too xD. I love comments and try to reply to every one i get.

source I've just finished replying to all comments since my hiatus well apart from the post where I asked what I should post next :P Sorry for the delay! Mac Ruby Woo was the first lipstick I ever bought for myself and while I now hate that particular one I still really like Mac lippies. There are some Mac Products I won't buy anymore because I don't think they're as high quality as I can get from other brands or I think they're good but overpriced.

But I still love the lipsticks, particularly the amplified cream and matte finishes. May 29, 7. Lady Danger is my go to orange.

mac lipstick recommendation help!: mac_cosmetics

May 30, 8. Thanks x 2. May 30, 9. Thanks x 6.

May 30, Smashbox - Out Loud. I love Out Loud by Smashbox too. Such a beautiful, muted orange. Chili by MAC is my other fave, though it veers a little more red. It's a nice Kool-Aid orange color. I hate the colors orange and yellow but with makeup it's a whole different story Jun 1, An orange lipstick I really like is the Nicka K vivid matte lipstick in Tenne. The shade is pretty close to Fenty Freckle Fiesta but the Fenty is slightly more red. I prefer my lipsticks to be at least somewhat matte.

Last edited: Jun 2, Jun 2, Jun 3, Kudos MAC!! This is one lipstick which makes me happy when I open the cap and twist up the bullet. Like you wear and its in your face but without being uncomfortable or over the top. Love the colour!

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I was debating between getting this or Lady Danger. I bought LD in the end but this one looks amazing too. Looks very pretty! Aditi recently posted… Wedding Diaries — Part 2 — Engagement. I love the colour. So chaud means too hot BTW not warm orange. Kayennat recently posted… Hair Diaries: A little hair chat.

It looks amazing……….