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How Do You Find Mojave Compatible Graphics Cards For Cheese-grater Apple Mac Pro 5,1 Computers?

For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Oct 21, 1, I am getting way too many glitches to where I do not want to mess with it anymore. What is the best video card to get that will be supported out of the box with boot display too if possible? Thanks guys! Jun 15, For out-of-the-box this is the one. Just old and expensive. Apr 3, 12, 5, Hong Kong. Since you said OOTB, so option 5 is ruled out. IMO, option 4 is never a good option. His card still more expensive than the PC equivalent, but at least the price difference won't be so ridiculous like the PC vs Mac Also, to develop the Mac EFI and flash a Nvidia card can be much much more work then you can imagine.

Then it will be fully OOTB and boot screen available. Of course, if you don't mind to pay more, get less. Or you want proper warranty. Then Option 1 may be your best choice. For me, I will definitely get a R9 or R9 X and flash it by myself. A reference 79xx card comes with dual ROM, virtually flash proof. Then you have to pay for it accordingly. If boot screen is optional.

Then RX should be the best choice for High Sierra. Any reference RX should work, but if you want a more specific card.

The Most Powerful Mac Is 6 Years Old and Not Sold By Apple

For video editing, RX should be a pretty good choice as well. Last edited: Apr 10, Reactions: Turbo Tony , bernuli , orph and 2 others. Dec 22, 1, Naimfan Suspended. Jan 15, 4, 1, I bought a RX and it worked out of the box. Running Sierra , Reactions: MarkJames ActionableMango macrumors G3. Sep 21, 9, 6, They may be "luckily compatible" but that's where you already are. They are not at all "supported" and in at least one case it doesn't have boot screens either. Note - "Supported" won't guarantee a glitch-free experience. Supported cards, even the Apple one, can cause the fan glitch.

Also I seem to remember a thread recently that Apple's High Sierra drivers were broken--don't know if it's been fixed yet. Thanks for the info guys. What would your recommendation be? The that came with the system does not perform too well with video playback and two large monitors which is why I would like to get a better card.

A headless mac would be nice for general use, iTunes playback, support for two or three p monitors with no issues. Well, I was wrong. Very wrong. Sometimes it feels good to be wrong.

My old intro to this guide was a world-weary, cynical outlook, standing on the edge of a precipice of planned obsolescence. I felt, perhaps better worded, we the community of professionals felt modular computing was being killed-off despite endless temper-tantrums that it was still necessary. I was convinced Apple's next Mac Pro would be some bizarre conceptual piece, made to wow journalists and not users.

I was wrong. Apple's presentation was filled with numbers, big numbers, lots of numbers, the kind of numbers that make average-people glaze over in boredom: 8k, 6k, 3. There was a surreal moment when Apple showed how the case opened. They invited you inside and look.

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There are slots! So many slots. What-in-the-name-of-Ive was going on? Edit: I wrote that last line before Ive announced his departure.

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The Mac Pro is the computer I dreamed of I imagine we'll be using our cMPs for a while longer. The future looks good, albeit very expensive. If you'd like to read the old intro, just click the show old intro. Like many, I had quite a few thoughts about the Mac Pro While the Mac Pro is relevant, this guide will remain focused on the Mac Pros.

If you want my personal take, you can read it here. Apple finally announced a new Mac Pro after the failed Mac Pro. Little did we know, the trashcan design was a multiplane metaphor, not only as an ode to planned obsolescence but to Apple's opinion of Pro users as it even failed to capitalize on providing modest updates, the computer that was meant to be replaced but without replacements. Regardless of what the new Mac Pro looks like, we're nearly at the end of the road for the classic Mac Pro. Apple officially dropped the 1. The iMac Pro single-core performance is double that of a Mac Pro 5.


This level of performance is bound to trickle down in the next few years to more modest Mac configurations. Then there's the rumor of ARM Macintoshes in the future, in the darkest of timelines where the modular computer is killed as SOC computing takes over. Computers are locked out of OS upgrades as quickly as a phone. In this dystopian future, Apple has its way and we're on forever hardware upgrades, tossing working machines in landfills or worse Google has its way, relegating us to a hellscape of thin clients and subscription services and our own data held as bounty behind a paywall even as every bit is mined deeper like a Pennsylvanian quarry.

Lastly, there's phoenix act where the Mac Pro 7. The Mac Pro in this scenario becomes the vanguard of the current community of solder-iron wielding outcasts, cantankerous power users, and cranky creative professionals, people disaffected in the era of iOS. It'd be the unity of rejects who cling to past, not out of nostalgia but out of practicality, a mob completely ready to abandon their aging hardware.

More than likely, we'll get a Mac Pro that's a middling mess, an attempt to appease Johnny Ive's ego over the requirements of its target audience. Whatever the future holds, the Mac Pro Cheesegraters are long-in-tooth, and the viability of using one as a daily driver is fading but with right upgrades has still life left. This guide is an ode to the best computer ever made, the classic Mac Pro an engineering marvel marking the high-water mark of performance, ease-of-use and user-serviceability.

A quick aside for self-indulgence: I originally wrote in an upgrade guide for the Mac Pro, back in my earliest years of blogging when this blog was hosted on Tumblr, mistaking Tumblr a utility for blogging.

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It was talky, anecdotal and amateurish, mostly upgrades I had done myself at various points, but also one of the first attempts at an all-encompassing guide for upgrading Mac Pros. I updated the blog post infrequently over the years, and it became a briar patch of disparate rambling, thorned with tangents and asides. I felt it reflected poorly as I've become a marginally better writer I decided to clean up, update, and rework my blog post, but it became very apparent I should start from anew as I was already committing a wholesale field burn.

Even MacVidCards chimed in to correct this guide. I've written a follow-up article, The Definitive Trashcan Mac Pro Upgrade Guide to commemorate the first anniversary of this blog post on April 7th of ! Support Right To Repair! Jumping into the world of Mac OS can be daunting as there's a lot assumed tribal knowledge and history.

How to upgrade a Mac: Swap in new RAM, graphics card, hard drive and more - Macworld UK

I try to avoid unnecessary shorthand, but there are a few unavoidable terms. I like to write for as many people as possible and to remain accessible. For sanity sake, there is a base assumption for understanding but hopefully a low-enough bar that novice users can follow along and learn.

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