Free desktop folder icons for mac

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Spruce Up Your Desktop with Custom Folder Icons in macOS

Anonymous form close x. This article shows you how to change the icon of any file or folder on your Mac. Apart from adding a bit of personal style to your desktop, there are good practical reasons why you might want to do so. For example, perhaps you've dragged some folders to your Dock so that you can easily drop items into them, but you don't want to have to keep hovering your mouse over their generic blue icons to identify which is which.

Carbon Folders by necramar To customize a file or folder icon, simply follow the steps below. You can use your own pictures as icons.

Note: If you find icons online in the. Double-click the picture or icon you want to use to open it in your Mac's built-in Preview app.

Arranging Icons on the Mac Desktop

Next, right-click or Ctrl-click the file or folder whose icon you want to change and select Get Info from the contextual menu. Click the icon in the top left of the Info panel to select it. Click the red traffic light to close the Info panel, and you're done. Top Rated Comments View all. CandyBar, Kaleidoscope… apps such as these gave a little more life to the Mac. I miss them.

I would be a lot more excited about this again if custom folder icons would show up in the Finder sidebar. Did not appreciate that when Apple eliminated the feature awhile ago.

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Just tried it and it's still the case. Top selling Most followers Newest designers Most icons. Folder, icns icon. Minimamente Visit website. License Free for personal use only You must: Use the icon for personal purposes You are free to: Share the icon Edit the icon You cannot: Sell the icon Use the icon for commercial purposes Note: It is nice to attribute the author, but not mandatory for this license type. Remove ads. Try it out free of charge. If photography is your thing, have a look at this marvelous looking lens.

This icon is made to change up your Google Chrome icon. If you want to change how the Mac App Store icon looks, you can use this one. This is a very simple set of icons that can help you refresh your current default folder icons.

The basics

They are simple in design, but they are good for subtlety. These icons display your favorite TV shows right on the front of the folder. This is great for the TV enthusiast. Organic HD icons are meant to replace your HD icons look, but they are certainly not limited to that. They look amazing in just about any folder. If you have a thing for carbon and neon, this is the folder icon collection for you.

Very reminiscent of Need for Speed Carbon, these icons are a great addition to your desktop. These icons look like Carbon Folders, the only difference is that these icons are meant to be used as driver icon replacement. This one is yet another shot at creating a replacement for the Google Chrome icon. It ditches the current color layout and places a nice metallic look to it while merging the colors in the center.

There is really no need for a description to this one.

A Christmas Story

The N64 icon resembles to the N64 logo which is pretty hard to miss. Try it out for yourself. If you want even more replacements for your Mac AppStore icon, look no further. This following has 10 icons with different colors that should cover your needs. I found this icon to be a very peculiar yet awesome take on the Firefox icon. This makes Firefox look like it came from the Mass Effect universe.

It is a definite must have for tech lovers. Here we have another lens icon that looks stunning. The detail on it makes it look like its looking straight at you. Either way this is a fantastic looking icon. Oh me lads, what a beauty have we here. This set of icons is perfect to style your machine with a pirate theme. Zoom-Eyed Creatures is a rather cute set of icons that will give your folders life.

You can even use some to change your Adium icon. Give it a try. Ive Drives 2 is a 30 icon set that looks gorgeous and elegant. They can be used across your machine to accentuate the way your computer looks. Like Spotify? Take this icon with you and switch things up a little.

This icon merges the iTunes and Spotify icon design and combines it into a sweet, metallic looking piece. Much better than the standard Spotify icon. The Steampunk Storage icon set contains eight sexy hard drive icons with 18 wallpapers for your desktop, iPhone, and iPad.

If we had evolved into a Steampunk society, this is how your hard drive would look. This is for the hardware enthusiast. If you like metallic looking hard drives, check out these seven icons. The detail on them is quite impressive. PlayStation fan? Snatch these six icons that will show your love for the PlayStation brand. And as always, Long, Live, Play. Do you like your iPhone way too much? Perhaps you have a folder for iPhone photos or iPhone development, then this icon set of 12 icons is for you. Like things in a darker shade? These five icons are meant to serve as replacement icons to some pretty awesome apps.