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Rene Loser 4 Posts 0 Reply Likes. Now after a few month - I'm forced to buy the next update? It not very customer oriented. Keith Ledbetter 3 Posts 0 Reply Likes.

Easy-PhotoPrint Pro Ver. (OS X ////)

Same here. I just purchased 5 weeks ago. Submit Cancel. Hajster 4 Posts 4 Reply Likes. Hoping to see a "free" upgrade path to the next version for those who bought this year since Catalina has been announced for over a year while Adobe continues to sell PSE with no warnings that it will become obsolete in a matter of weeks.

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Terry Bennett 1 Post 1 Reply Like. Chatted with Adobe support today on the issue of software being sold when they know it will be worthless on Apple computers still for sale on Amazon. Since Adobe knew long ago that this software would not work, hope that upgrade will be free to anyone who bought within last 6 months. Yes, I know it's my fault for not checking and finding out that PSE was a bit app, but I still feel like I got screwed :.

Not that simple. Not exactly screaming that 32 bit will be an issue. Only notification Adobe ever provided was a letter on their forum warning existing users not to upgrade.

John Bailey 1 Post 2 Reply Likes. Same problem. It doesn't seem possible Adobe can get away with this.

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  4. To continue selling a product they know will not work for some machines and not offer a solution is beyond belief. Come on Adobe treat us longstanding customers reasonably. Sharyn Evans 1 Post 1 Reply Like. All 4 Replies.

    Adobe unveils Photoshop Elements 6 for Mac

    Hello Kati, I'm sorry to hear about this experience you've had. I happen to run that exact same configuration myself without issue. I'm not sure exactly why you were told this by our support staff, we are looking into the issue. It is true, however, that PSE6 is no longer a supported product. What this means, in your case, is that we can only provide a "best effort" toward a solution.

    I'm glad to hear that you found your own resolution. However, your solution does bring up a question. Photoshop Elements 6 is more than 4 years old now, replaced by several versions, and it should not longer be available for purchase. Do you mind telling us where you were able to find a copy of Photoshop Elements 6 for purchase? Was this the same retailer from whom you purchased your original version? I only ask because I am worried about a repeat in this behavior.

    Photoshop Elements 6 Changing Backgrounds

    Landon Hattan 1 Post 0 Reply Likes. I have the same issue, and was given a link to ask a question to the forums, and then the customer chat line was promptly logged off of.

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    Any word as to how to navigate the reinstall given the "Invalid Serial Number Message" provided because this product isn't supported anymore? It seems ridiculous that an alternative wasn't provided by adobe, and instead they remove install capabilities altogether, rather than allowing the consumer see if the program is compatible with their existing system.

    Elements 6 runs well on my Windows 10, but many users have various problems. Installation starts automatically.

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