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Senseful Senseful Are you on the same LAN? Dori: won't the tag [remote-desktop] be very confusing since both Apple and Microsoft have products named "Remote Desktop"? Click the "Edit" button pencil icon. In the popup click the "Redirection" button folder icon; see image below.

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Check the "Enable folder redirection" box. Connect to the remote PC. Dan King Dan King 1, 1 1 gold badge 7 7 silver badges 5 5 bronze badges. Thanks for sharing the new method of establishing the link.

How can we make Remote Desktop client for macOS better?

It confused me at first since the option mentioned by previous posters is not available, but I figured it out -- before reading your post The only thing which had me stumped was that I didn't see my folder immediately under 'Computer' of the remote after I had added the 'redirection' folder on local. I figured out I had to restart the remote desktop connection first, because I had already been connected whille adding redirection.

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So step 5 can also be read as 'Connect to the remote PC or reconnect if you had already been connected '. It seems that Microsoft Remote Desktop can't handle paths that contain spaces. I tried hard to share a folder with such a path — no luck. Then I created and shared a folder on my desktop, and it showed up immediately when I reconnected to the remote PC. I'd recommend editing the answer and adding that if you are already connected to the remote computer that you need to re-establish your connection in order for the shared folder to appear.

I spent quite a few minutes until I read Bart comment above. I think this answer will likely fix it: Solution: Before you start the Remote Desktop session, make the Mac disks available to the Windows-based computer. On the RDC menu, click Preferences. Click Drives, and then on the pop-up menu, select the option that you want. On the Start menu, click Computer or My Computer. Open the disk or folder that you want to copy from. Open the disk or folder that you want to copy to.

Drag the document that you want to copy to the location that you want. This fails at step 4, which doesn't let me access the Mac's contents with the error message I posted above. This isn't an ideal situation, as that connection is a two-way street. Anyone on the remote machine can access your local files.

Note, requires Java. Disclaimer: I am the author. Gaurav Kumar Gaurav Kumar 3 3 bronze badges.

Remote desktop on Mac - How to remote desktop from Mac to Window by using Microsoft Remote Desktop

My plan B was going to be something like this. There are some organizations that block Dropbox, or in my case, I just really didn't want to use it on my work machine, since who knows what they're snooping Well done. Matthew Hudnall Matthew Hudnall 21 2 2 bronze badges.

Hi, I'm Chuck Grimmett.

Harv Harv 5, 12 12 silver badges 37 37 bronze badges. I tried doing this, but it gives the same error message. Are you sure you're changing the share name? Access Network, and see that the share name is indeed foo.

How to Share Files and Folders with a Remote Desktop

If you right-click on the folder on your Mac and then "Get Info", what permissions do you see? Navigate to the Session tab. Below is an example of how I configured the Session. I chose not to Swap mouse buttons , and for Sound I chose to Play on devices. The last tab is Redirection , here you can map drives so that you can export from the remote session to your local machine. These configuration instructions are covered in section 4 of this article.

You can now click the red close button in the upper left of the screen to finish adding the new remote connection. Double-click the name of the Remote Desktop you want to log into. There will be an error message that displays noting that the certificate on the server is not trusted. Click [Continue]. The 3 images below show the steps on what this looks like. Image 1 of 3 — Show Certificate. Image 2 of 3 — Always Trust Server Certificate. Parallels or Boot Camp. Double-click the Trail Blazer icon to launch the app.

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When you're done working for the day close Trail Blazer by clicking the red x in the upper right. Then click the Windows start button on the remote desktop and select Log Off. This is important if other people in your organization are logging in remotely so that you don't accidentally log into their session. To print from a remote desktop connection to your local printer s right-click on the desktop you want to configure this for and select Edit. This is useful so that you can transfer files back and forth between your local environment and your remote desktop. Click on the Redirection tab.

The Add Local Folder screen will pop up. Click the Path drop-down menu and select Browse. Navigate to the folder you want to map. It will automatically enter a Name and the Path. Click [OK] to finish. The image below is an example of how the newly mapped folder will look like in the Redirection tab. When you are exporting from your remote desktop connection in the future you can now choose that folder as an option.

The image below shows what that will look like. If you have any questions or need a one on one walkthrough please connect with our support team by phone or email.