Mac pro 2008 power supply problem

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Hi all, I have a July mac pro which seems to have a problem with the Psu. When i press the power button it starts and after some seconds before it logs into OS it shuts down. Sometimes it starts successfully and it might work without problems or it might shutdown during operation. As i read to some forums many owners of the model experience such problem and those who changed the PSU solved the problem.

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Now, because of the days apple wants to keep my Mac for checking is forbitten for my work, I want to change the PSU myself. So, which is the PSU i have to purchase in order to be compatible? Does it have a specific number i must check before purchasing a new one? Any details or suggestions are welcome!!! Dec 7, 3, Poland. Yes, i found that too Do you have any suggestions regarding my mac's problem?

Think its a PSU issue? PS: Is it hard to change it myself? Last edited: Nov 8, It's quite easy to replace PSU.

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See service manual for on Scribd. Feb 2, 0. I had lots of problems after upgrading to Lion. I fixed myself although only with the guidance of your article. Thank you for sharing this. Not sure which one worked but my mac is back- thanks for a great article - best I read on the web. I thought I tried everything to get mine to turn on and found this article and did the holding down the power button 10 seconds twice and then the third time plugged the power cord in and pressed the power button and it finally booted up!

Thank you for the trick!! Unplug the MagSafe power cable. Hold down the power button for about 10 seconds and continue to do that. While still holding the power button down, insert the MagSafe power cable and hold it for another 10 sec. And it started right up.

Mac Pro 3,1 (early ) Power/Boot Issues (Long post!) | MacRumors Forums

I thought that was a crazy thing to do and how did anyone ever discover that it worked??? But it sur did the job on this laptop I managed to switched it on, where my user login logo appeared, but then a loading bar would appear and just freeze. Then I found your link, which made my day! Happy Mac again. Thank you!! Thank you for posting this: - My problem started this am with a very slow IMAC that has 16 RAM , and a time machine attached; - Several warm and cold reboots brought the system totally to its knees, and then it stopped rebooting half-way through the process; - option D during reboot brought me to an error screen D, maybe?

I updated it to macOS Sierra yesterday night and left it be, when I opened it the next day it wouldn't continue starting up. Please help.

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  • I can send you the picture of what it's showing me now. Been trying several tips but nothing is working. Remember the reason you wrote this article, and why I wasted my time reading it, was because my computer wasn't starting up. At all! I reinstalled the OS as a clean install over the top of an install from Time machine.

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    Problem is it won't wake properly from sleep. Sometimes I get the log in screen - where password is required - and having input the password the same screen the appears again, When I input password for the second time it then lets me in and generally gives me the pages left open when put into sleep mode. It's so frustrating and bizzare behaviour.

    Disk utility tells me there is nothing wrong Any thoughts welcome. I did the power cycle tip too and it worked. Mine is a vintage one already. I used to leave it on Sleep mode most of the time while connected on the charger.

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    I'm not sure if that was the reason why the second I open it, it won't boot successfully. I'm worried about the files I just transferred from my phone but thankfully it opened so I'll go ahead and retrieve them back for safety. Thanks again!

    I followed the power cycle reboot steps and got my mac to give me signs of life and then when it died in the middle of boot I restarted the process and plugged the battery in the middle because I only have a 60w power supply and needed an 85w. I used the battery as a wattage boost in the middle and got my computer back up and running. Thanks for the guidance. My Mac Pro late , non removable battery behaves strangely.

    It does not switch on at all. Battery shows fully charged when I check by small side switch.

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    Now, If I remove adapter connector, Mac starts up. But no chime. Before it completes booting it shuts down. Restarts on its own after sometime. On restarting same thing is repeated. Any suggestions please Black screen, L-type chord shows a charge going on orange light , fan whirring. No other signs of life. No start up chime, no matter how many times I hard power down and restart. It's a MacBook pro with a non removable battery. Hi Fennelly. I have the same issues right now. Did you manage to bring back your computer back too life?

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    I was convinced my MacBook Pro was toast. The special Poeer cycle seemed Compliments on the well structured and informative guide! Started using a Macbook Pro Md for a week or so now, when it just turned off. At the istore they performed a SMC and run a diagnostic check - proclaiming all is fine.

    A day after it happened again. Thank you kindly. Great guide, I have no Mac experience and was able to repair my son's Mac using your guide. After hours of trying everybody else's suggestions I fixed me problems with your pointers!!! It took many layers of fixes but eventually sorted out my MacBook.

    Mac Pro 2008 Failure

    I luv u?????? You are awesome!