What is msn messenger for mac

If so, unplug your router wait 30 seconds and plug it back in. I get the same errors sometimes and resetting my router fixes it. Oct 29, 5 0.

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I get the same problem! I have a brand new macbook and msn won't work, weirdly it works on my much older emac if someone has a solution please help! Nov 15, 1 0. Dec 31, 0 Sydney, Australia. Feb 7, 11 0.

how to get windows live messenger on your mac

Nerala macrumors newbie. Jun 12, 1 0. I have the same problem as well, but I have an ibook G4 running tiger, and I can't log into msn at all, using any client. I can't login using the mac messenger client, and I have a multi client called fire that won't let me login either. When I try to login it tells me that the sign-in failed because and tells me to check the screen name and password I know my screen name works as I can login to msn from my phone, or another computer or a web based client as well. I don't have any proxies set up, could it be I have the wrong port set up?

Oct 28, 1 0 Cookeville, TN. Click on the PG icon on your top bar, go to Lists, and uncheck Microsoft. Jul 17, 60 0. I have the exact same problem as OP. Adium seems to be working now, but MSN messnger will not at all.

How to sign-up on msn messenger on a MAC

It's a shame because Adium doesn't support webcam. Mar 2, 2, 0 toronto. Sep 29, 3. Eh, you do realise this thread is almost a year old Jan 4, 3 0. I am having the same problems as the OP.

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I am using Safari 3. Can anyone help me? What do you guys suggest?

Thanks for the help, i am a mac noob i only got my macbook yesterday! Cerebrus' Maw macrumors Mar 9, 0 Brisbane, Australia. Cerebrus' Maw said:. Do you have any secrity running? AV, Firewall? Router ports?? Has it ever worked?


Mac Messenger and MSN Messenger won't work - help!!!!

Is there anyone else connected to the same router that is also having the same problem with Mac Messenger? Can you use any other IM software?

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PSI, Adium etc? I solved my neighbours issue by simply turning off the router for 30 secs, and then signing it back in. Try it, I guess. Jan 28, 1 0. I could then hear my nieces play their musical instruments, etc. However, the web cam does not function with it and neither does the voice.

MSN Messenger for Mac OS X 10.2.8 to 10.3.9

At times I can see my brother's cam Pros: Can send written messages to other MSN, hotmail, users Cons: Can not use a web cam or enjoy an audio call with it. If the download doesn't start automatically, click here. Dreaming of an ad-free web? Browse with Brave. Learn more. MSN Messenger was View full description.

Skype Skype, the telephone of the 21st century. Messenger for Desktop Made more accessible.

Whatsapp Use WhatsApp on your Mac. Facebook 4 Mac Use Facebook without the browser. Telegram for Desktop Speedy and secure alternative to WhatsApp. Download MSN Messenger 4. Free Download for Mac. User reviews about MSN Messenger. More reviewed on May 16, Cons: talvez More reviewed on May 25, Cons: No webcam No personality More reviewed on January 23, More reviewed on January 11, HazeOver Distraction Dimmer.

What is msn messenger for mac

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